Jul 28

The Stream Extreme Cup Begins!

We now have our full set of 8 teams, and the tournament has begun!

The group matches were set up today, and the players are now arranging their matches with each other, so we should start to see some results coming through over the next few days – Keep tuned on twitter @slackakaos for those scores as they come in.


Jul 24

The Stream Extreme Bloodbowl Tournament


Its official, I am currently setting up a Blood Bowl League with Kalbuir, a fellow streamer, With the intention of running the league over the course of a number of weeks.

There are still a few spaces in the tournament available, requirements are that you have the Chaos Edition of the game (I have been told legendary Edition also works with Chaos Edition online, but have been unable to verify this personally), and you need to be prepared to commit to playing at least 1 or 2 games per week until the leagues completion.

Current target is a league of at least 8 players (we currently have 5 signed up) however if there is more interest, I can easily up the tournament cap.

You can let me know on twitter @SlackaKaos if you are interested in joining the league.

So lets meet the teams so far!

Barra – Orcs – Barra’s Bashers


DDTank – Lizardmen – DD’s Destroyers


Slaan – Goblins – Is This Football


Slacka – Chaos Dwarves – Total Kaos


Kalbuir – Chaos – Kalorians


Norsixa – Khemri – The Pharoah’s
2013-07-25_00004 2013-07-25_00003


Llandri – High Elves – Llandri’s Lions


UglyPanda – Nurgle – Dead Fizh

Jun 28

Welcome to the new site!

Its been a long time coming, but I finally got around to updating the site to a new look.

The first batch of screenshots from EQOA, EQ2 and SWG have been added to the gallery, as well as a selection of videos.

Please feel free to take a look around.